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Hydrangea Bunch - NaturalHydrangea Bunch - Preserved

Hydrangea Bunch - Natural*


Hydrangea Bunch - Natural*

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Hydrangeas are an old fashioned, all-time favorite.  Sturdy, yet delicate they make a wonderful base or filler in a bouquet, but can also stand alone in a vase.  The most popular or widely known variety is our Macrophylla or Mophead hydrangea which exhibits a rounded flower head and larger flower petals.  Also displaying a round head, are our Annabelle Hydrangeas which contain much smaller flower petals and are a true chartreuse color.  Lastly, our Limelights, conical in shape, come in two different colors.  They begin the season portraying green tones with underlying hues of pink.  However as the season progresses into fall the color changes, and while still green, they shift  to more overall pink with underlying hues of green.  The flower petals on these beauties are also smaller.


A bunch is approximately 10" diameter with stem counts varying between 2-7 (some heads are large, some small).  Stem length also varies due to staggering for better packing.  

*All details are estimations and vary between bunch, case, year and dye lot

Pictured:  (left to right) TOP - Annabelle, Limelight Green Tones, Limelight Green/Pink  BOTTOM (all Macrophylla) - Natural Fall Tones, Burgundy, Blue


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